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By : Emir Hermono On Oct 23 2018
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Emir Hermono - Sadd

Emir Hermono - Sadd

Informasi Lagu

Artis Emir Hermono
Judul Sadd
Album Single
Tahun 2018
Durasi 2:41
Audio Summary 44.1 kHz
Bitrate 320 kbps
Sample Rate 44100 Khz
Genre RnB
Tipe File Mp3
Ukuran 6.5 Mb
Di download 51

Video Klip

Lirik Lagu

dan kusangka hadirmu di hidupku tak s-m-ntara
selalu akan di dekatku

dan kusangka hadirmu di hidupku kan selamanya
selalu akan di dekatku

verse 1

called about 2 nights getting late and i know that you want to
called about 3 missed calls and few texts and all from me
called about 4 i just wanna be at your door

i’m just so scared to fall for you again

i thought we moved on
you kept me going on

another pain just all the same
i just can’t deal with this no more

back to chorus

verse 2

i mean, we were together for ages
8 years was a long time

we used to always, you know say ..
i don´t know what would i do without you

well, i guess ..
this time we´re about to find out..