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By : Valdy Marshall On Jan 06 2020
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Valdy Marshall - This Isn't Me

Valdy Marshall - This Isn't Me

Informasi Lagu

Artis Valdy Marshall
Judul This Isn't Me
Durasi 4:12
Audio Summary 48 kHz
Bitrate 303 kbps
Sample Rate 48000 Khz
Tipe File Mp3
Ukuran 9.6 Mb
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Lirik Lagu

While i’m flying high
The sun’s going down
And dropped by the drones
Get down really low
When live is get hard
Pushin’ you away
Feels locked and chained
Can’t move anyway
And then now i know
This isn’t me
With this hard feels
I can’t be me
How can i be
Myself again
That happy feelings
Myself alive

You know youre the one that matters
To me
I know im not the one that you

Now im flying high, go through everything
Go fastly like a star
Broke all the chain that locks you down
And shine ur light as bright as the sun

You know
Youre the one that locks me down
And now
I broke the chain from you, and free