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By : NEFFEX On Nov 25 2019
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Informasi Lagu

Judul Cold
Album Destiny: The Collection
Durasi 3:02
Audio Summary 48 kHz
Bitrate 308 kbps
Sample Rate 48000 Khz
Tipe File Mp3
Ukuran 7.1 Mb
Di download 7

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Lirik Lagu

(It's so cold outside)
(I'm alone, I'm alright)

[Verse 1]
Everybody knows that I'm breaking down
Everybody knows I ain't fakin' now
Everybody knows my heart's vacant now
Yeah, she hates me now, I made mistakes, but now
I don't ever wanna be alone, I don't really ever feel at home
On my own, in the zone
That's the only way I know, feelin' low
'bout to blow back up, here I go
I will never let the doubt creep in
Gotta pop a couple more aspirin
I don't think I'll ever let you in
Easier to break it off as friends
I don't really understand myself
I don't really understand, need help
I don't wanna be left on the shelf
Couldn't even hear me if I yelled

It's so cold outside
I'm alone, I'm alright
It's so cold outside
I'm alone, I'm alright

(It's so cold outside)
(I'm alone, I'm alright)
(It's so cold outside)
(I'm alone, I'm alright)
(It's so cold outside)
(I'm alone, I'm alright)
(It's so cold outside)
(I'm alone, I'm alright)

Yeah, let's go

[Verse 2]
I don't wanna break down, always feel like I could break now
But I never let it take me to that place now
I won't ever let my thoughts get away now
I got better things to do, picking fate now
I just wanna be the best, call me great now
I don't know if I'm okay or insane now
I remember better days on the playground
Hoping I can find my way to a better place now
Even when I'm feeling down, I fight
Even when I don't know what is right
I'ma pick a side, and I'ma take pride
I will decide my fate and I
Will never let them tell me who I am
If you try to shape me, I'll be damned
Planted on the ground is where I stand
Never give up, that was always the plan